I am a Traditional Naturopath and help vegetarians transition to veganism, the plant-based curious get clear on how to become vegetarian, and also help vegans be super vegans.

Welcome to Rachael Lancaster Wellness LLC where I help vegans, vegetarians, and the plant-based curious to be healthy. You can learn how to honor your mind, body, and soul with the ultimate gift of *holistic self-care.

Let me take you on an adventure of self-discovery in a space that is dedicated to you, where you can be heard and supported by someone who has a solid education in natural health paired with a high level of compassion. I've been all variations of vegetarian/vegan for over 20 years (currently vegan). I also respect where YOU are at on your journey and my approach is one of working with you at your comfort level. (Which also means I don't ever show graphic images, and will give you links at your request to various educational materials concerning animal welfare so you can learn at your discretion, without any pressure.)


Eat to empower™


You are in the right place if you:

  • Are vegan, vegetarian, or wanting to learn more about a plant-based lifestyle.
  • Are sick and tired of struggling with stress, and are craving a calmer vibe.
  • Want to kick fatigue to the curb so you feel freshly energized.
  • Want to explore safe and natural ways to keep your body happy and healthy.
  • Live a fast-paced life and are focused on career and creating a life you love? Find your ‘Calm in the City’ so you can boost productivity and achieve your life goals while managing stress.
  • Are confused about what to eat - there are SO many fads and new diets that come along but I can show you how easy it is to eat right for YOUR body using the power of plants.

Feel free to Contact me with any questions, or to schedule an appointment for a complimentary Strategy Session to find out how I can help you reach your health and wellbeing goals.


Traditional Naturopathy: A natural approach using the power of nature with food, herbs, aromatherapy, movement, and mindfulness to promote a balance between mind, body, and soul.

Some of the Topics I am passionate about:

Plant-Based Health and Wellness

Helping People Transition to a Vegan or Vegetarian Lifestyle

Stress and Fatigue

Digestive Issues

Why holistic?

After working with many people over 15+ years in holistic health I have found that feeling great in your body comes from addressing all aspects of health and wellbeing. I look at the whole person (mind, body, soul) when working with a client, and the benefit of this is we find the best ways to uncover the imbalance so we can restore balance and harmony from the foundation up.  

Our bodies are our friends and they want us to feel good. When they seem to be betraying us, they are really just trying to send us a message that something is not right. This wake-up call is a blessing in disguise because if you take action you give your body a chance to return to a balanced state. 


You get home after a stressful day and unwind with a glass of wine. This helps you feel calm temporarily but it doesn’t change the reason WHY you are stressed. A holistic approach will aim to uncover the “why” so you can make lasting changes which results in you feeling calmer and healthier. 

Check out my interview series about women and body image:

The Bodylicious Project:

The interview series where 20 women share their powerful stories about body image.

This project has been in the back of my mind for a while now because body image was something I struggled with for DECADES. I began to realize my emotional state and body image were being influenced by other people’s opinions, or messages and images from the media that bombard us every day. I am at a point now where I want to encourage women to question why they have certain perceptions about their bodies, to speak out against unrealistic standards, and start loving themselves.

We should ALL Love the Body We're In.

Many of the women have shared with me how difficult it was at times to have to think about their answers because of the emotions that were sparked. Although not all of the women have had issues with their body image, a large majority did, and I believe the more we share and listen, the more we inspire positive change. The body love movement is getting stronger and was demonstrated in many of the thoughts shared, and I know the stories will inspire you as they did me. Read the interviews HERE.