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I came to Rachael desperate for help, and she was able to help me not only on a holistic level, but she also zeroed in on my specific problems. With her wealth of knowledge, she shared foods and recipes which not only eased my issues but also raised my energy levels and made me feel healthier. She also armed me with tips and a veritable first-aid kit of remedies. Rachael’s wisdom has helped me enormously and her open and non-judgmental attitude meant that I was able to discuss my concerns without embarrassment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to a friend, whether they had a specific issue or just wanted to improve their wellbeing and wanted guidance.

Heather B
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Thank you for putting together such a thoughtful program for me. I appreciated your attention to my needs and preferences and loved the follow-up and support. I believe that superb work has to be acknowledged, so THANK YOU very much, you are truly a credit to your profession.

Ivonne Espinel
Director of Marketing

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Rachael made my switch to vegetarianism easy and made sure I didn’t miss any foods. My personal tastes were taken into consideration and I was given suggestions on how to make sure my nutrition was balanced in an easy to understand way. Overall, she made the switch very simple and I fell back in love with food and being creative in the kitchen!

Sydney, Australia

Rachael helped me break a 30-year love affair with artificial sweeteners and Diet Coke. This is a huge accomplishment! I feel so much better and can actually taste my food.
I also struggled with not knowing how to feed myself to maintain a lower weight. I understood dieting, it’s maintenance that was a struggle for me. Rachael was able to help me make simple, common sense choices that allowed for a little wiggle room in order to help me meet and maintain my goal weight. I was able to discuss all my food/wellness concerns with her, and she made me feel supported and understood. She helped me take a big goal and break it down to manageable steps and didn’t push me to “give up” any particular food I was attached to. Rachael is compassionate and understanding, non-judgmental and has helped me navigate meals/eating/food which for someone with an eating disorder history can be an emotional landmine.

Kate Higgins
Tarot reader, performer and social worker.
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I found her wealth of knowledge and eagerness to explore solutions to my concerns great. I had some knowledge, but Rachael took it to a whole other level. I enjoyed the fact that I could ask any question. I also enjoyed that the things I have added to my diet didn’t require a lot of effort to do, and the ingredients are easily accessible both here and Australia when I go home. Rachael is awesome, very open and honest. She has great knowledge and really thinks about the client’s needs and wants. Rachael is easy to talk to, get in contact with, and will answer any question and research other options for you.

Michelle Nagy
NYC, USA/Sydney, Australia
Stay-at-home Mum

Rachael not only taught me how to use food and supplements to support recovery from my injury, she also helped me heal my mindset. I’m a person who has never been able to sit still - being bedridden for a couple of months was damaging to my soul. Rachael gave me hope and inspiration and showed me that it was important to relax so I could heal properly. She guided me through stress-management suggestions which I truly believe were beneficial to the healing process. I tend to be a very stressed out person and hold a lot of that stress in my body - the power of positive thinking can be an amazing healer alone. She is a natural born nurturer.

Jenna B
Office Manager & Menu PLanner
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