I am a Traditional Naturopath. This means I use natural and powerful methods to help people achieve their health and wellbeing goals. I am not a medical doctor (MD), nor a Naturopathic doctor (ND). Their training is different: I don't diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure disease, nor do I prescribe medication, offer testing, or perform surgery.

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy: Nature Care College, Sydney, Australia

What does this mean? I received an extensive and exceptional 3-year full-time face-to-face education from one of Australia's leading Naturopathic Medicine Colleges. I graduated with a deep knowledge of how the human body works in health and dis-ease, and an impressive toolkit including hundreds of hours of nutrition and herbal medicine, plus numerous other modalities. Naturopathy taught me how to be a Personal Health & Wellbeing Architect, and put the jigsaw puzzle of health together. We are all unique, and one approach doesn't suit everyone. 

Diploma of Aromatherapy: Nature Care College Sydney Australia

Aromatherapy is a beautiful and powerful modality to use for promoting good health and for supporting stress reduction. I developed a passion for using essential oils from plants and flowers to create beautiful and effective blends to be used on the body, to create your own tranquil sanctuary at home, or for travel and work. I refined my passion for creating natural skin-care recipes and learned how to make delectable lip balms, scrubs, cleansers and body oils. So much better than the expensive, synthetic-laden products that are sold to us. Ask me how to use aromatherapy in your daily life, or for specific concerns.


To create a strong foundation of individualized *self-care, that brings optimal health and harmony.  

Core philosophy:

My philosophy utilizes the “The Pillars of Wellbeing” to create a blueprint for each client.

The Pillars of Wellbeing:

Mind body soul.
These are interconnected and if one pillar is out of alignment, wellbeing is a challenge. 

Mind: Stress management. Motivation. Mindfulness. Goals.

Body: Food: Eat to Empower™. Movement. Sleep. What you put in and on your body. Environment. Lifestyle. Energy. Digestion. Metabolism.

Soul: Emotions. Fun. Joy. The feel-good factors in your life. 

How do we awaken and support the body’s innate healing power?

Plant-based foods: Eat to Empower™. 
Herbalism: the use of teas and tinctures to support healing.
Movement: we are designed to move! 
Stress management: bring more calm into your life.

*What is Self-Care? 

We see this modern-day buzzword everywhere, and it brings up ideas of pampering and indulgence. Yet, true self-care is more than that. It involves everything we do to promote health and wellbeing: what we feed our mind, body, and soul. Our thoughts, food, actions.