5 Sneaky Ways to Eat the Rainbow

5 Sneaky Ways to Eat the rainbow

There are no doubts about it: eating more vegetables is a good thing. 

Those colorful goodies are filled with phytochemicals, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and are low in fat and calories. 

The trouble is, some of us just don’t really like them. Many people think veggies are boring, or when they are told to “Eat your Veg!” memories of soggy carrots and mushy peas surface. Nope. None of that in my world! So, today I am going to share 5 EASY ways to add more of the good guys to your diet so you can reap the benefits. Let's go!


You can sneak in vibrant handfuls of baby spinach, or ½ a cup of cooked fiber-packed cauliflower and nobody will be the wiser. (Seriously. Trust me.) Or try cooked carrot, or pumpkin. Pumpkin spice smoothie, anyone?? If you check back here next week there *might* be a recipe waiting for you. 


Make your own dip. It’s super easy (I don’t like to spend too much time in the kitchen) Start with your base ingredients, add in veg like eggplant or beetroot and Voila! Pretty AND nutritious. Enjoy with some chopped up celery sticks or carrots, or yum crackers. HERE is a gorgeous recipe for you to try.


Make a creamy and decadent sauce to go over your pasta…using…wait for it…CAULIFLOWER. I’ll admit I am not a huge fan of cauliflower on its own. But make a vegan alfredo sauce out of it and...well…it’s one of the best taste sensations ever. HERE is my go-to. While you are there, follow me on Pinterest for a huge range of recipes and health info! 

Other ideas for pasta sauces: add in carrots/eggplant/kale/bell peppers etc. to your regular tomato-based sauce and puree away. This one is great for picky eaters like kids, hubby’s, or die-hard carnivores, because they won’t taste the difference!


Regular pasta can be heavy. Have you ever tried zoodles?? They are amazing. I made them for someone who was skeptical and they were a hit, and they actually preferred them to pasta. All you do is spiralize zucchini with a special little gadget, quickly stir-fry in a pan to heat through and top with your fave sauce. Light, healthy and delish. There are many spiralizers out there but I prefer simple and small. NYC apartment dweller over here.  THIS is the one similar to what I use.


Did you know you can hide veg like sweet potato or pumpkin in treats like brownies, banana bread, or muffins? And you can even make avocado into a chocolate pudding! Yep…and they taste SO good! Try this recipe for chocolate zucchini bread by the talented Minimalist Baker HERE. Thank me later by sending a slice over over ;)


There you have it. Simple, easy, and sneaky ways to get more veg into your bellies! Leave a comment to tell me which one you will try next. And remember to check back next week to find my Pumpkin Spice Smoothie recipe, and sign up below to have plant-based health and wellness tips and news sent to your inbox every week or so.