Why should you work with me?


A graduate from one of Australia's leading Naturopathic Medicine Colleges (more HERE)


I have 17 years of experience working in the natural health field where I have helped hundreds of people with their health and wellbeing goals.

Personalized Service:

I work with you to customize a program that pinpoints your unique needs. No cookie-cutter approach here. 

Compassion & Empathy:

I have experienced and managed the effects of chronic stress and lack of self-care in myself, so I know it is not always an easy journey. 

Holistic Approach:

I have combined years of experience and education into an approach that looks at the mind, body, and soul aspects of wellbeing. The benefit of this is we aim to get to the root cause of your issues so you can rebuild and renew from the foundation up. 

No Multi-Level Marketing affiliations: 

I recommend products that I have researched and trust. 

Are you ready to switch from "stress in the city" to "Calm in the city"? Ready to upgrade your health to Platinum level?

Your decision to work with me to take your health and wellbeing to the next level is one that I am passionate about. Once we decide to work together, you will have:

  • Weekly private phone sessions with me, customized to fit your unique body, lifestyle and health goals
  • A weekly action plan that is easy to follow and designed for YOU
  • Tools, techniques, and highly curated resources that will help you get the results you want
  • A private Pinterest board just for you that we will fill with recipes that are nutritious and easy
  • The benefit of working with someone who has had a comprehensive holistic wellness education
  • Unlimited email support throughout your program (48 hour turnaround)
  • The support and tough love you need to get the results you want

I offer three package types, starting at $147. All three are designed to help you achieve the results you want in a stress-free, compassionate, and judgement free zone, using holistic methods.

The 90 Day Calm in the city Transformation

Why this might be good for you:

  • Perfect for an overhaul, when it is time for a fresh new you
  • For losing more than a few pounds
  • For people with a 'few things going on' that require a long term plan (digestive issues, fatigue, stress, skin problems etc)
  • A deep and intense transformational program that will equip you with all the knowledge you need to reach Calm in the City
  • Be shown how to make long lasting changes to get the results you desire
  • A personalized program designed just for YOU
  • Be supported and guided over the 12 weeks, with weekly calls and email support
  • Payment plans available

Let me be your private guide:

  • Want to learn what to eat for calm and high-end health? 
  • Detox from unhealthy choices, and do it without starving yourself
  • Have access to my "gone over with a fine tooth comb" resources that make the transition to healthier choices stress-free
  • Be supported and guided over the 12 weeks, with weekly 45 minute calls and email support
  • Learn how to empower yourself with a curated program that has all you need at your fingertips: kick fatigue to the curb, lose the overwhelm to regain calm and balance, GLOW from within, maintain your healthy weight so you feel confident in your body
  • Choose your own Adventure Options: Aromatherapy and/or Body Image

28 Day Kick-start

Why this might be good for you:

  • If you are feeling "ok" but want help with a little fine-tuning
  • If your body is telling you that it needs to detox and cleanse
  • If you need to reboot your eating habits
  • If you have just a few pounds to lose
  • Want to kick the sugar habit

Short and Sweet

Two sessions for $147

Are you in need of help with something "quick and easy"? This program might be the one for you. 

Perfect for when you need advice on things like:

  • How to eat out healthily
  • How to do a pantry blitz, and learn how to fill it with the good stuff
  • Make-over your skin-care routine and be shown how to choose nourishing, non-toxic products
  • Help with a specific topic that you need help with: sleep, stress, exercise etc
  • Please note that a "quick and easy" issue can sometimes be the tip of the iceberg, that might mean this is not for you (we can chat about it in detail)
  • How does it work? The first session is 30 minutes and is where we talk about the issue, and go over any important health history (if necessary). The second session of 30-45 minutes is where we talk action plans. You are given the information needed so you can walk away with confidence 

How do you know which one to choose?? Schedule a complimentary 30 minute Strategy Session with me to talk about your goals, and together we will find the perfect solution for you. I look forward to hearing from you!

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