What I Do

o   I teach people how to improve their health and wellbeing using a natural and holistic approach.

o   I look at each person as the unique individual that they are. Your program will be different to anyone else’s because we design it to fit you and your lifestyle so you get the best possible results.

o   Food with Benefits, plant-based eating, supplementation suggestions if needed, movement, stress, sleep, mindfulness, aromatherapy (an option), body image (an option) are all included.

o   I believe that being healthy should become part of your life and second nature once the habits are formed, and I don't believe in deprivation, or trendy diets.

o   I aim to take overwhelm out of your health journey. We are flooded with so much information and unfortunately our food industry is filled with so many lies, myths, and political involvement, that it can be confusing to know what is best for your body. Knowledge is power. I will guide you in educating yourself so you can make the best choice in regards to your wellbeing.

o   Body love is an integral part of my system. We are bombarded with images of so-called perfection daily, and so many people beat themselves up for not looking like whatever the new supposed ‘ideal’ is. My goal is to show you that having a healthy and strong body is the ideal, and whoever you are, is the ideal. EVERY person deserves to love themselves.

Why Can I Help You? My In Depth And Well-Rounded Training Gave Me The Scientific Knowledge To Understand Things Like Nutrients And How The Body Works, But My Own Experience Gives Me The Compassion And Insight On How To Help You Improve Health And Wellbeing. I Understand The Challenges Because I Have Been Through Them Myself.

Some of the Topics I am passionate about:

Plant-based Health and Wellness

Stress and Fatigue

Digestive Issues

Intuitive Eating

Natural Beauty and Skincare

Positive Body Image (see The Bodylicious Project)

Who I Help

I love to work with people of all ages and health levels who might be experiencing any of the following:

  •  Feel they need to overhaul their health and wellbeing.
  • Live and/or work in an urban jungle and are struggling with managing stress.
  • Want to learn how to love their own unique body and how to give it the best care possible.
  •  Are healthy but need a few tweaks to take them to a platinum level.
  • Need to nourish their self-care routine.
  • Want to learn how to eat intuitively, and discover the healing benefits of food.
  • You want to transition to a plant-based way of eating and need help with working out how to do it.
  • You are overwhelmed with all the options out there and end up doing nothing. You want someone to listen to your concerns and lead the way.

 What I need from you:

Commitment. I will show you ‘how’, but you need to DO the work. There are no magic pills.