Welcome to your Wellness Temple where you can learn how to honor your mind, body, and soul with the ultimate gift of *holistic self-care.

Let me take you on an adventure of self-discovery in a space that is dedicated to you, where you can be heard and supported by someone who has a solid education in natural health paired with a high level of compassion.

You are in the right place if you:

  • Are sick and tired of struggling with stress, and are craving a calmer vibe.
  • Want to kick fatigue to the curb so you feel freshly energized.
  • Want to explore safe and natural ways to keep your sacred body happy and healthy.
  • Live a fast-paced life and are focused on career and creating a life you love? Find your ‘Calm in the City’ so you can boost productivity and achieve your life goals while managing stress.
  • Resonate with a plant-based approach and want to learn about food with benefits.
  • Are confused about what to eat - there are SO many fads and new diets that come along but I can show you how easy it is to eat right for YOUR body.
  • Are bothered by burnout and want to learn how to take the control back.
  • Are ready to make the changes and empower yourself by treating your body with love and nurturing.


*Holistic Wellness: A natural approach using nature’s pharmacy (food/herbs/aromatherapy), movement, and mindfulness to promote a balance between mind, body, and soul.


Why holistic?

After working with many people over 15+ years in holistic health I have found that feeling great in your body comes from addressing all aspects of health and wellbeing. I look at the whole person (mind, body, soul) when helping someone, and the benefit of this is we find the root cause of WHY you aren’t feeling the way you want to, instead of just alleviating the issues (which only gives a temporary fix). Using holistic health enables you to get relief fast while diving deeper to uncover the imbalance and restore the foundation.

Our bodies are our friends and they want us to feel good. When they seem to be betraying us, they are really just trying to send us a message that something is not right. This wake-up call is a blessing in disguise because if you take action you give your body a chance to return to a balanced state. I can help you decipher the messages.


You get home after a stressful day and unwind with a glass of wine. This helps you feel calm temporarily but it doesn’t change the reason WHY you are stressed. A holistic approach will aim to uncover the “why” so you can make lasting changes which results in you feeling calmer and healthier. 

Stress: “ A situation that challenges or exceeds your ability to cope or adjust.” 

We have all felt the effects of stress: the pounding heart, the knotted stomach, anxiety and irritability, feeling overwhelmed. Stay in a chronic state of stress and the potential for serious issues developing is very real:

·      Weight gain that is stubborn to lose (especially the belly!)

·      Insomnia (ever felt the “Tired but wired” aka staying awake all night despite being TIRED feeling? Not fun, right?)

·      Muscular tension which can lead to headaches and stiffness

·      Fatigue

·      Adrenal issues (the stress hormones aren't designed to run at full speed all the time)

·      Digestive upsets (constipation/diarrhoea/bloating/gas/pain)

·      Impaired immunity (ever notice you pick up colds and flu easier when super stressed?)

·      Mood imbalance (depression/anxiety/panic/irritability)

·      Inflammation (this happens on a cellular level and can have major impacts health-wise)

·      Accelerated ageing: yay!!!

·      Reproductive disruption

And the list goes on.


The solution? Give up your crazy fast-paced life and go into hiding on a secluded island? Hide under the bed covers and hope it all goes away?

Well, the fact is we don’t have to give up modern life to feel calmer. There are so many simple and effective tools and techniques that I can teach you. Stress will always be part of our lives and the trick is to learn how to build a toolkit to manage it. Each person is different: what stresses you won’t faze the next person, and this is where I work with you to design a program tailored to YOUR needs.


The foundation to a happy and beautiful life is good health...be as healthy as you can to get the most out of your life. My mission is to help you reach a level where it becomes second nature to be abundantly healthy.

Feel free to Contact me with any questions, or schedule an appointment for a complimentary Strategy Session to find out how I can help you reach your health and wellbeing goals.

Rachael is a powerful coach! In my first session, it was clear she wanted and could help me get to my goals. As women, so much attention is placed on how we look and external measures of that. Yet from working with Rachael, I know and love my body in a way that I am proud of...my standards, not everyone else’s. When you care for yourself in this way you feel radiant, beautiful and connected.
— Susan Glasgow Richards

My other passion is interviewing women about their body image.

The Bodylicious Project:

The brand new interview series where 20 women share their powerful stories about body image.

Inspire. Empower. Transform.

This project has been in the back of my mind for a while now because body image was something I struggled with for DECADES. I began to realize my emotional state and body image were being influenced by other people’s opinions, or messages and images from the media that bombard us every day. I am at a point now where I want to encourage women to question why they have certain perceptions about their bodies, to speak out against unrealistic standards, and start loving themselves.

We should ALL Love the Body We're In.

Many of the women have shared with me how difficult it was at times to have to think about their answers because of the emotions that were sparked. Although not all of the women have had issues with their body image, a large majority did, and I believe the more we share and listen, the more we inspire positive change. The body love movement is getting stronger and was demonstrated in many of the thoughts shared, and I know the stories will inspire you as they did me. Read the interviews HERE.